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Will Transparent Screens Revolutionise The Use Of External LED Displays?

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

There is little doubt that organisations have been able to take full advantage of external LED displays for advertising purposes. You will probably expect that to continue for the foreseeable future, although the technology that is being used to project those messages could be set to undertake the next step in advancement.

It is expected that transparent LED displays could change the way that large-sized outdoor screens are used, Digital Journal reports. Shenzhen Yuchip Lighting is preparing to establish itself as “one of the fast-growing LED display enterprises”.

Shenzhen has been looking into the research and development of the technology for more than six years, with there being little doubt that the market is showing an interest in the screen’s capabilities.

Eric Zheng, the oversea sales manager for Shenzhen, says that there were very few transparent displays produced five or six years ago, but that has significantly shifted in the industry and the company has more than 50 to its name.

The development of transparent screens is fast, with new companies - and presumably existing businesses - taking notice of how the product will appeal to consumers around the world. Transparent’s biggest feature over the more ‘traditional’ screens is that it has improved on the LED curtain display and has a high light transmittance.

It is likely that a transparent LED display listed company could emerge in the next two or three years, but what is interesting is that it won’t be a small organisation compared with “listed companies in the current LED display industry”.

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