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Why LED Displays Are Perfect For Railway Stations

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

With so many different display options on offer, you may wonder why you tend to only see LED displays at railway stations, providing passengers with information about outgoing and incoming train services, as well as security and other relevant information.

Speaking to Installation International earlier this month, Nacho Perez, vice managing director of Absen Europe, explained why LED displays are the best option for these environments.

He said that LEDs are preferable to LCDs because they aren’t limited in size and they have much better colour uniformity. LCD screens also have seams if you have multiple panels side by side, which means they don’t perform as well as their LED counterparts.

Another advantage to LED displays is that they “are able to perform flawlessly in both bright and dark environments,” Mr Perez asserted.

He added that another thing to be mindful of when installing internal or external LED displays at a railway station is the level of pollution and particles in the air, which can affect the performance and appearance of a display in the long term.

Making sure any display is well protected, both from the physical elements and in the virtual sense, is vital, Mr Perez noted.

Of course, the speed with which LED displays can be updated with real-time information is another key benefit, particularly in an environment like a train station where things can change quickly and information needs to be shared efficiently.

Because LED displays are easy to read due to the high contrast between the dark background and bright writing, they’re ideal for travellers searching for information

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