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Why Are LED Displays Replacing LCD Options?

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

You can’t deny that a growing number of businesses are turning to LED displays for their company’s requirements, whether it’s display boards in a retail window or a large-scale video wall on a TV news broadcast.

Digital Journal recently explored the rise of LED displays and looked at why they’re becoming so much more popular than their LCD counterparts.

The publication noted that the development of LED display technology, particularly when it comes to large-format displays, has put it streaks ahead of the LCD models available.

For video walls in particular, people are becoming aware that an 8k display isn’t necessary as it’s not viewed at close range. What’s more, because large LCD video walls are made up of multiple panels content creators need to use “sophisticated content management systems to display individual content on multiple screens”.

This increases production time and complexity, as well as making it more likely that the technology will fail, the news provider stated. By contrast LED displays offer “a single seamless digital canvas that is not limited by the picture or standard size”.

LED displays can also be custom made to fit any space and therefore the end result will look more professional than one where a number of LCD panels have been spliced together.

You only have to look at the next-generation LED cinema screens unveiled by Samsung at this year’s CinemaCon. The firm’s Onyx Theatre technology is so named because of the true and realistic black shades the screens are able to display.

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