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Vancouver Airport Passengers Have Fun With Huge LED Displays

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

Travellers using Vancouver International Airport will be able to amuse themselves while waiting in queues thanks to its newly installed LED displays.

Earlier this month, the Canadian travel hub fitted its Gate C with several interactive digital signs, with one board measuring 12.5 ft by 7.8 ft.

The NanoLumens LED screens that were fitted around the airport react to passengers passing by, as the images continue to change when it detects people are close.

Lynette Dulohn, vice president of IT and chief digital officer at Vancouver Airport Authority, said: “Digital is a key way we evolve the airport, making it more perceptive for passengers and customers by creating interactive environments.”

One screen has replaced a printed map of flight paths, and instead plays custom-created content for passengers to enjoy.

Ms Dulohn stated that people love the installation, adding: “We are seeing a lot of smiles on people’s faces and that’s the ultimate goal - to provide exceptional experiences.”

The LED displays use a Microsoft Kinect and a UI camera to detect movement. Travellers do not necessarily have to be walking by, as it can determine motion from those queuing in lines as well, taking potentially bored passengers by surprise and adding to their flight experience.

These signs have a pitch of 1.67mm pixel, enabling the high definition quality of the screen to be extremely strong.

This is not the first time LED displays have been recommended for use in the travel industry. Late last year, the Cambridge Network suggested placing external LED displays around the city to help holidaymakers navigate their way around more easily.

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