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Time For Sporting Grounds To Update Their LED Displays?

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

With autumn fast approaching, many sporting venues will be getting ready to welcome their fans back to the stands, if they haven’t already. The football season has already kicked off for lower league teams and rugby league and union sides will be back in action shortly as well after the summer break.

If you run a sporting club, it could be time to look at whether your external LED displays are in need of an upgrade.

Over in the USA, the Pittsburgh Steelers recently announced that they are installing a new 13HD pixel layout display to provide greater resolution, as well as 45 per cent more active displays space, AVNetwork reported.

The new displays will enable variable content zoning, which means organisers can choose to show one large image, or to split the screen and show live play alongside replays, for instance

This also presents new opportunities in terms of advertising, sponsorship messages and updates on other results that are important to the home team.

While smaller clubs won’t be in a position to afford something on this scale, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t assess your current solution to see if it can be replaced by a better display making use of the latest technology.

Because of the speed and ease with which they can be updated, LED displays are perfect for showing real-time information. Whether you want your fans to be able to see the score throughout the game, or would like to provide them with information on other results - something that’s likely to be particularly welcome towards the close of the season - LED displays are ideal.

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