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Singapore Airport Plans New Super LED Display

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

Singapore’s Changi airport is one of the most impressive airports in the world - and with their newly unveiled terminal, featuring incredible immersive internal led displays and art installations, it’s about to get even better.

Last year, the airport set the record for the handling the most travellers of any airport in the world, with an incredible 58.7 million people passing through their doors. However, with the brand new terminal, the airport will have the capacity to manage an extra 16 million passengers each year, according to Bloomberg.

The terminal itself will be as large as 27 football pitches and It will feature incredible 70 metre long LED panel wall which will keep travellers entertained whilst in the departure lounge.

Passengers will also experience a quick and efficient process when entering the identity check section of their travel, with fast paced facial recognition machines to check in. When on your way to your flight, you may also notice automated robots passing you whose job it is to keep the place looking clean. Yes, robot cleaners - it’s all as amazing as you’d expect from the world’s best airport.

But it’s not al about technology and the future, as there will also be a specific zone in the airport which will focus on showcasing Singapore’s heritage and culture by installing traditional Peranakan houses, shop front and architecture.

You’ll find a 200 foot glass top gallery area featuring hung ‘Petalclouds’ - sculptures which are timed to move in synch with specially designed lighting and Scandinavian music. There are also many international sculptural installations with collaborations from artists such as Swiss Kurt Metzler’s ‘The Travelling Family’ finding its home in the departure lounge.

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