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Singapore Airport Installs 70mx5m screen

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

Travellers to Singapore will benefit from a new range of internal LED displays that have been installed in the Terminal 4 security area.

People who travel from the airport will be able to watch animations on this 70m by 5m LED, while they queue to go through security procedures. The animations show the Singapore skyline, scenes from life in Singapore, and information about how travellers’ luggage will get from A to B.

The Heritage zone of the airport is also set to benefit from an LED display screen that will screen a theatre production of the Peranakan Love Story set in 1930s Singapore. 

“The video is played on a 10m x 6m LED screen spanning two shopfront bays on the Peranakan façade. The digital wall transforms into a theatre, with a stage setting reflecting the living rooms of two Peranakan homes,” the release read.

Many airports have utilised LED screens in order to display information to passengers. The possibility of using very large screens means that passengers can be communicated to clearly across a concourse, and the growing complexity of the software on offer means businesses can easily transmit real time information to their passengers. 

The low energy usage associated with LED screens also makes them an affordable and environmentally friendly option.

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