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Seoul Becomes New Times Square With LED Smart Screens

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

South Korea’s capital Seoul has been transformed into Times Square after huge Smart LED signage has been installed at a shopping, exhibition and convention centre.

Samsung Electronics is behind the large-scale installation at the COEX and World Trade Centre, introducing the biggest curved display screen in the country so far, AV Interactive reported.

Sungwook Yoon at Samsung Electronic’s Building Solution Group led the project, which took seven months to complete, saying “the new display can be used to show one content item or separately to show different content”.

The LED Signage measures a total surface area of 1,620 sq m and is four times the size of a basketball court. Two LED displays were connected to each other to create a curved screen that can show one image without any distortion.

It uses up to 9,000 nit, which is far larger than typical LED displays used for residential purpose (300 to 500 nit). Therefore, it is able to show pictures clearly even in bright light.

What’s more, the brightness automatically adjusts itself depending on the location of the sun. This makes it easier for drivers and pedestrians to see without experiencing glare off the huge screen.

More than 31,000 LED display modules make up the board, and the distance between each pixel is 10 mm so clear images can be seen from all directions.

While it has been likened to Times Square in New York City, the COEX SM Town signage is an outdoor advertisement-free zone for now.

This news comes after Samsung launched its first European LED cinema screen in Zurich, Switzerland earlier this week, boasting 24 million LEDs spread across 10.2 m by 5.4 m.

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