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Samsung’s The Wall Is Changing Internal LED Displays For TVs

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

Samsung is showing a desire to make real progress with internal LED displays in the television market. In fact, the leading South Korean tech company is planning to achieve this with its focus on micro LED.

The Korea Herald reports that Samsung is planning to put into mass production, both commercially and for home use, The Wall, which is a 146-inch 4K TV that the company first debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018.

Han Jong-hee, the president and head of Samsung’s visual display business, commented: “We have completed the micro LED technology and are in a stage to raise production yields. Samsung’s micro LED displays will be totally different from previous LED products because they will use an advanced flip-chip bonding technology proprietarily owned by the company.”

What is interesting about The Wall - aside from its obvious size - is the fact that Samsung wants it specifically referred to as a display or a screen. That’s right, the manufacturer will not be marketing the product as a TV. However, it does make sense when The Wall is compared with other TVs already available to consumers.

With the adoption of the bezel-less modular type, Samsung’s screen won’t come in the different sizes that consumers can choose from when they’re looking to buy a new TV. In fact, Mr Jong-hee has said there isn’t a need to refer to new products as TVs, saying that people will be able to “do anything they want with displays or screens” like they already can with mobile screens.

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