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Samsung Brings World’s First Cinema LED Screen To Europe

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

Tech giant Samsung has announced it will bring its innovative cinema LED screen to Europe after unveiling the high resolution display earlier this year.

The all-in-one internal LED display, which made its debut at Las Vegas CinemaCon this year, was created to offer better quality when compared with traditional projectors. Boasting a 4k resolution (4,096 x 2,160 pixels), the screen measures 10.24 by 5.4 metres in size.

Containing 8.8 million LEDs, the screen is also equipped with high-performing audio - the result of a joint effort between Samsung Audio Lab and HARMAN Professional Sound Solutions.

The LED display is already on sale South Korea and Thailand but will be arriving in Europe next year, where it will feature in Zurich’s Arena Cinemas, Switzerland.

Daniel Périsset, head of IT business at Samsung Electronics, commented: “At Samsung, our aim in advancing technological progress is to make life easier for people and enrich their lives. We have once again succeeded in doing this with the new Cinema LED screen, and are actively planning for expansion of the screens in theatres next year.”

Arena Cinemas owner Edi Stöckli said that the new screen warrants an entire redesign of the cinema in Zurich, with existing furnishings being removed and an innovative seating concept installed to deliver a totally new kind of cinematic experience.

The seamless installation means that a solid black wall can be created, producing a much darker screen appearance and removing distracting dark grey stripes often associated with cinema displays. The LED technology used in the screen creates a luminosity ten-times brighter than conventional projectors and also uses significantly less energy.

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