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Phone Shop Rolls Out New LED Displays

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

Carphone Warehouse is undertaking the largest LED screen rollout in UK retailing, with ten of its stores getting fitted with new internal LED displays that can be controlled centrally to ensure the messaging for the brand is consistent.

AV Magazine reported on the rollout, which saw nine 2.5m by 1.5m LED screens installed in various stores, while two other screens were also fitted under the revamp. All of these screens are connected and the content that appears on them is managed by Hubble - a content management system that offers a range of features.

These include scheduling, real-time data and reporting, and a proactive feature to identify issues such as power failures, the heat of screens and any individual LED failures to reduce the amount of downtime experienced.

Andrew Hall, co-founder of Volume Network who carried out the installation, commented: “Today, more than ever, in-store displays are playing a strategic and pivotal role in retailers’ ability to connect with customers.”

Carphone Warehouse is also embracing some of the latest LED technology to emerge on the market, with the brand’s flagship Evo store near Tottenham Court Road underground station boasting a super-bright LED display in its window.

This is one of the brightest LED displays you can see in the UK at the moment, the news provider revealed.

One audio visual expert recently suggested that LED screens could replace LCD screens because of their lifetime, quality and brightness.

Bob Raikes from Meko Consultancy pointed out that the price of LED screens is starting to fall, which will make them a more viable prospect for businesses.

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