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Next Gen Phones Could Have ‘Self-Healing’ LED Screens

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

When you think of LED displays, you might think of phone screens, breakages and expensive repairs, but this isn't something you'll have to deal with using our cheap led displays, as they're high quality and sturdy pieces of technology.

However, it seems that, in future, phone users won't have to deal with broken phone screens either, as new technology which 'self heals' damage could come as soon as the next generation of smart phones.

Motorola, who might be best known for their Noughties flip phones, have filed a patent for technology that fixes cracked phone screens simply by turning up the heat. If the phone becomes damaged, the phone takes note and targets heat to the affected area, which should repair at least some of the 'deformation', according to IB Times.

However, it seems like all the kinks aren't quite worked out yet. It appears that Motorola have considered a number of different heat sources for the repair, as spikes in high temperature within the device itself doesn't sound too appealing to most developers.

The options include an app which would direct the temperature change, using a human's own body heat as a source and also a separate device dock with the technology in built.

So, it may actually be a while off, but other inventors are hot on their heels, with the likes of unbreakable screens claiming to have been invented already.

Basically, if you're a mobile screen repair company, make hay while the sun shines, and get a cheap LED display to bring in customers while you can.

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