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New Wayfinding App Launched In Cambridge

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

Smart Cambridge has launched its new wayfinding app to help people travel around the city in a more environmentally sustainable way.

In addition to the downloadable mobile app - MotionMap - the organisation has also installed wayfinding screens and smart panels around the city. The aim is to provide more people with travel updates, as well as useful visitor information as they navigate the city, UK Authority reported.

So far, just one of the digital screens has been installed, with others to follow during the rest of the summer. The first sign is outside Cambridge’s railway station.

The smart panel screens will be installed in lobbies in prominent locations, where they will display live bus and train times for a specific location, as well as road traffic maps, travel updates and even weather forecasts.

These will all work in conjunction with MotionMap to help people travel around the city more efficiently. Among the details provided by the app are timetable information for buses and trains, suggested cycling and walking routes, and even a carbon counter so that users can choose the most environmentally friendly option.

With a bigger drive towards sustainability, more cities could start installing external LED displays to provide similar information, and to encourage more people to use them through an app.

There are already signs that this kind of technology is creeping into London, with a design competition launched earlier this month to improve wayfinding around London Bridge. LED displays and smart screens could well feature among the entrants, with people always looking for ways to use technology to make our lives easier.

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