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New LED Screens For London’s BT Tower

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

London’s iconic BT Tower has received a digital LED screen upgrade after a couple of years’ planning and preparation to modernise the landmark.

The tower’s famous ‘information band’ - a series of LED screens that wrap around the tower - was launched back in 2009, being the largest display of its kind at the time.

The telecoms firm employed the services of consultancies to undertake feasibility studies, cost and design analyses, taking into account considerations like budget, engineering and installation for the tower’s upgrade, AV Magazine reports.

Expressing a desire to replace the original external LED display back in 2015, the firm has spent the last two years exploring the various LED screen possibilities with manufacturers, while ensuring compliance with ISO and other factors.

The environmental performance of the replacement LED display was also a key consideration; being subject to the capital’s varied weather conditions, the new LED screens needed to meet a number of parameters, including visibility from 100 metres and having an IP rating of 67+. 

Prototypes were tested, chosen and installed, creating a 59 metre by 4.8 metre high circular LED display that would allow for 360 degree visibility.

The custom LED display has been optimised for brightness and resolution, while individual pixels can be controlled, simplifying any desired adjustments for colour or accuracy.

Officially opened in 1965, the BT Tower has become a key symbol of London. The major communications hub houses microwave links and the TV Network Switching Centre, which carries and relays signals between TV broadcasters and other companies.

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