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LG Unveils Range Of New LED Solutions

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

LED technology is always evolving and there are constantly new products being brought to market that use LED displays in ever more innovative ways.

Already this year we’ve had micro-LEDs and the next generation of LED cinema screens. So what’s next? LG is unveiling a host of new technology at the InfoComm 2018 trade show in the US this month.

Direct view LED displays for the large-screen video market are among the new designs to be showcased at the event from 6 to 8 June, while video walls with ultra-narrow screens are another innovation that LG plans to introduce here.

LG has also come up with a range of LED displays designed specifically for the restaurant sector. One of the top innovations here is a special outdoor LED display designed for food kiosks.

Among the main selling points is its “temperature tolerance technology to alleviate overheating and prevent compromised picture quality”. These particular LED displays also come in an environmentally sealed unit that is designed to prevent the screens from getting damaged by dust or fumes.

The company has also developed ultra-thin OLED TV displays specifically for use in hotels. LG’s OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV is under two-tenths of an inch thick.

With a growing number of businesses selecting LED screens over their LCD counterparts, these kinds of innovations are likely to be welcomed, especially when they target such niche areas that may not have suitable options open to them with existing technology.

As Digital Journal recently noted, it’s the customisation options of LED displays that puts them ahead of LCD models, and that’s one of the driving forces behind their popularity.

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