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LEDs Used In WWI Commemoration

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

External LED displays are perfect for any outdoor event, but a recent London event went one step further.

Pigeons were released with LED lights attached to them as part of a commemoration event of WWI. Lift Festival saw 1,500 pigeons released as part of an outdoor performance in homage to the birds who carried messages during the First World War.

The event took place in Thamesmead in London, and was a reworked version of an event that took place in New York in 2016.

Birds were directed using whistles as part of the 40-minute-long event.

Duke Riley, first staged ‘Fly by Night’ at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 2016 and told Time Out magazine: ‘When you arrive, they’re just kind of hanging out,’ he says. ‘And as the light starts to dissipate you start to see these moving constellations in the sky. A lot of people started crying, oddly enough. As an artist you can’t hope for more than that as a reaction.’

This event was part of the centenary commemoration of World War One with started in 1914 and ended in 1918. Over the past four years there have been events run to remember specific events of the first world war, which will culminate in remembrance events this November.

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