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LED Screen Is Centrepiece For Art On The Underground

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

A massive internal LED display screen is the centrepiece for Transport for London’s (TfL) Art on the Underground project, which aims to enrich the daily lives of tube travellers until the end of November.

According to reports, the five metre screen has been installed at London’s Kings Cross tube station in the main ticket hall, along with a special laser projector.

The central media display is a lightweight Infinity model chosen for installation at the underground stations because of its precise colour rendition, infinite size options, ease of installation and cost efficiency.

Before the screen was chosen, TfL conducted an exhaustive safety assessment, paying special attention to the weight of the screen, which was to be positioned on an existing glass balustrade. The screen also needed to be compliant with fire safety regulation.

Curator and technical programme manager Niamh Sullivan told Installation International: “The effect is simply amazing. When we commissioned this large LED display we had no idea it would look this good.”

Installed by the Eurostar exit in the tube station, the LED display is showcasing a 12-minute movie called The Bureaucracy of Angels by award-winning artists and photographers Broomberg and Chanarin until November 25th.

The film records the demolition of 100 migrant boats from Sicily last winter. While the people travelling onboard either entered the asylum system or were sent home, the boats were abandoned on the forecourt of Pozzallo Port.

The giant jaws of diggers can be seen breaking apart the boats during the film, while a singing storyteller narrates the imagery with the ballad Terra ca nun senti, telling the story of immigration to and from Europe in the last 150 years.

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