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LED Name Plates Installed At Louisiana Council Chambers

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

LED displays are being used in more contexts and in more innovative ways than ever before. In America, one city council has even adopted them for its meetings.

AV Interactive reported that the East Baton Rouge Metro Council in Louisiana has installed 16 small LED displays to its council chambers.

They’ll be used to display the names of the board members attending the meetings, and have been fitted specifically to make it easier for those watching on TV to identify the different people in attendance and speaking.

Patrick Meek, of the local Baton Rouge AV integrator Technical Services Group, told the news provider that the LED name plates were introduced as one of the finishing touches in the renovation of the council chambers.

“The old static name plates made it almost impossible to identify the board member if you weren’t sitting up close to the dais, and completely impossible to see the names on TV,” he explained.

Mr Meek added that the new internal LED displays have been a big hit, commenting that they are “so clear and bright you can easily identify who is speaking as well as what district they represent”.

The news provider noted that a further advantage to this digital system over the static name plates that were used previously is the ease with which they can be updated and changed as different board members attend meetings.

It seems LED screens are being incorporated in a growing number of renovations. Earlier this year, London’s Royal Opera House revealed that it would be installing new LED displays as part of its Open Up project, and the ongoing renovations at the venue.

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