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LED Dome Arena Unveiled For Vegas Strip

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

When it comes to external LED displays, it can be hard to get excited about little advances in technology, however, every once in a while LED displays are used to make something that’s truly show-stopping and makes everyone stop and take notice.

In Las Vegas, it’s pretty hard to stand-out from the crowd, with the strip filled with bright lights designed to steal the attention of passers-by. However, a new LED enhanced arena has been unveiled which is sure to be the new jewel in the crown of the Vegas Strip.

The huge, 18,000 seat ‘sphere’ arena is set to break ground in Vegas this summer, and once completed will feature a massive exterior LED display which can transform the outside. It could make the sphere look like a globe for example, or a ball when holding a sports event, or even project what’s happening inside the arena to the outside.

Inside the dome is a 170,000 for screen for screening films, concerts and experiences, and the seating will be signed with haptics to help you feel the full experience of the environment you are watching on the screen. 

“That is essentially what we are building: an attempt to convince you that you are somewhere else,” said Jim Dolan, executive chairman and CEO of Madison Square Garden Company.

The conceptual art, which you can see over on the Daily Mail website, even shows an idea where the sphere is ‘transparent’ projecting the strip behind the sphere onto the outside of it.

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