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LED Displays To Help Drivers Find Parking Spaces

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

Innovative external LED displays can be beneficial for all kinds of industries, from retail shops to airports. The latest sector to incorporate these screens into business are car parks, which are using LED displays to help motorists save time by highlighting available parking spaces.

While many people will be familiar with the touchscreen displays now installed in car parks around the country, which drivers can use to make payment for parking on return to their car, this new external LED display parking system is being taken up in Australia to help drivers find a suitable place to park in a matter of moments.

The Daily Telegraph reports that a ticketless parking system is being installed at a shopping centre in New South Wales using licence plate recognition technology to track parking without the need for paper tickets. The system links up to an LED-based electronic display board, which provides motorists with details of available parking spaces, so they don’t need to waste time hunting for a spot.

Shopping centre manager Martin Ollis told the publication that the new system will offer drivers a more streamlined parking process, saying that vehicles “will not be required to stop on entry to wait for a ticket to be issued, ensuring entry and exit from the car park will be quick and easy”. 

Meanwhile, the electronic display board will “allow customers to easily find an available car parking space”.

While the technology isn’t commonplace in the UK yet, it’s unlikely to be long before the trend catches on.

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