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LED Displays – Perfect For Real-Time Information

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

Whether you’re a train operator, a trader on the stock exchange or those in charge of running a successful sports stadium, vital hospital or something similar, chances are that you could benefit from the introduction of external LED displays at your place of business.

This technology is absolutely perfect for displaying information in real time, which has serious value where your customers are concerned, no matter what industry you’re in. Train passengers, for example, are often in a hurry and they need to find information at the drop of a hat sometimes – putting up arrival and departure times on big electronic display boards is just one way you could make their journeys easier and far less stressful.

As for stock exchange traders, they also need to be able to have instant access to a huge amount of information and this kind of display is also a great choice in this regard as well. You can now invest in exchange and interest rate boards that boast seven segment displays, multiple currency rows, infrared remote controls, date and time displays and a built-in interface so updates can be made swiftly and easily via a PC.

Hospitals, meanwhile, need a way to display simple information as well as complex queuing systems and LED displays are able to relay information seamlessly in order to help doctors do their jobs and to minimise waiting times for patients.

And what about those in education? Such displays can be used to great success, showing class times and changes, cancellations, safety messages, relocations of classes, messages of congratulations to students, welcome messages for external visitors… the applications are endless!

See how Nottingham City Council has used such displays across its transport network to help make travelling seamless for those in the local area.

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