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How Can High Street Retailers Win Shoppers Back?

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

There has been much in the press lately about the closure of high street stores, with many retailers feeling the pinch as consumers reduce their spending and buy more from online stores.

However, retailers shouldn’t blame all their problems on the rise of online shopping, one expert has claimed, suggesting that they could do more to attract people to bricks and mortar stores by making some changes to their approach.

Writing for The Market Mogul, Stuart Jackson stated that the high street “needs a radical rethink”.  Outlets need to modernise and adapt to changing shopping habits, he stated, explaining that in-store experiences, personalisation and multi-channel purchasing are all things that retailers should be exploring.

For some retailers, this could involve revamping their in-store displays by shopping for the best LED displays online to give them a new way of reaching out to and engaging with customers.

Mr Jackson added that it isn’t only individual stores that need to adapt, but the high street as a whole. He explained that people want to have a shopping experience when they go into town. That means stopping for a coffee, having somewhere nice to have lunch, and having the chance to browse independent or artisan stores rather than the big names.

An article for the Express recently stressed the need for councils to rethink business rates in order to help retailers weather the storm, as well as to think about reducing or removing parking charges in town centres to attract more shoppers away from out-of-town retail parks.

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