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LED Display ‘Offers Immersive Digital Experience’ For Commuters

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

With LED technology constantly improving, it’s little wonder that organisations are finding new and creative ways to make use of this kind of display. Over in the US, where things are known for being larger than life, one station has taken its LED displays to the next level.

In the new Moynihan Train Hall in New York, 12 new LED screens, totalling 1,700 sq ft of LED lighting, have been installed along one wall of the station. As well as being used to provide information about train departures and platform numbers, the screens have an aesthetic use too.

The Westchester Magazine explained that videos of a number of city-centric locations, such as Coney Island and Midtown Manhattan, are featured on the LED displays, allowing commuters to feel as though they’re walking through these areas of NYC.

Founder, president and CEO of ANC, who provided the screens, Jerry Cifarelli said that as well as providing the informational content passengers need, the screens offer “a visual experience they’ve never seen before”. 

The aim of the videos is to provide “refreshing content that will help ease the stress of one’s daily commute”, he added.

Train stations and other transport hubs in the UK that are planning to refresh their internal LED displays may also want to look at how they can combine the functional with the aesthetic in any new technology they introduce.

Last month, one expert highlighted the many benefits of LED displays when it comes to train stations.

The speed with which information can be shared to the screens, the colour uniformity of the displays and the high contrast between the dark background and bright writing all make this technology perfect for this setting, Absen Europe vice managing director Nacho Perez stated.

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