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Largest LED Display In Time For World Cup

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

External LED displays come into their own in the summer when everyone is out and about and enjoying the sunshine.

Never has this been truer than with the World Cup, which is now in full swing.

The World Cup offers a wealth of opportunities for outdoor displays and events, and they have been seen the world over this summer.

It is however Denmark which has led the way in LED displays, with a 22 by 12 metre screen erected in Copenhagen to help fans watch the World Cup in style.

It was first erected so fans could watch the Denmark vs Peru game live from Telia Parken, Denmark’s national stadium. In fact the screen was so large 26,000 fans were able to watch the event live on 16 June.

Being the egalitarian country that it is Denmark’s TV2 channel made the screening free to fans who flocked in from around the country to watch their national team win in the Group C game early on in the tournament.

This year’s World Cup in in Russia, and is the first World Cup to ever be held in Eastern Europe after the country fought off other bids from England (which was eliminated in the first round) and joint bids from Portugal/Spain and Belgium and the Netherlands.

There has been some controversy over the decision with some people arguing that the voting process is open to corruption and some people claiming the decision had been made before the vote.

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