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Large Internal LED Display Introduced To Dublin Airport

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

You will have experienced how busy an airport can become and benefited from internal LED displays providing important real-time information. However, it could only be the starting point for more airports to take advantage of how the technology is used.

According to AV Magazine, Dynamo LED Displays have introduced a large-sized display at Dublin Airport in the Republic of Ireland. The screen has been in development since 2017 and the final design is divided into two sections, which measures at 13m x 2m and is placed near a walkway leading into the baggage collection area.

You might be wondering what the screen shows? Travellers that walk past the screen will be treated to the scenery of the Emerald Isle in North Carolina. It is not a low-resolution view either, as each of the screens has a total resolution of 4992 x 768 pixels.

Dynamo’s project is only one way that airports are looking at different ways to use LED technology. According to the AviationPros, the American Institute of Architects will have a course offered by NanoLumens, which is looking to improve the way that LEDs are integrated into the development of airports.

Dan Rossborough, the director of special projects for NanoLumens, commented: “Large-format direct-view LED displays are applicable for the various stakeholders doing business inside today’s airports worldwide; from [digital out-of-home] advertisers to concessionaires, airlines and the airports themselves, so it is our responsibility to provide useful information and training to the architects and designers who shape these spaces.”

It is only a matter of time before more airports, both new and old, take an interest in how LEDs can change the experience for people before they even set off for their travels.

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