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Korean Mall Unveils First Unsupported LED Structure In Public Place

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

The LED display market has achieved a first with the installation of an unsupported LED tower in a Korean shopping centre. 

Starfield Goyang mall in north-west Seoul has unveiled the 15-metre tall LED structure with a curved edge and a 60-degree angle, making it the first of its kind to be built in a public arena, AV Interactive reported

It features Absen LED technology and includes content from Moment Factory, so passers-by can see adverts and clips in all their glory on the enormous screen. 

Christian L’Heureux, producer of the project from Moment Factory, said: “We worked closely with Absen’s innovation to showcase every peculiar aspect of the pixel space and built shape in order to create a jaw-dropping customer experience.” 

To install the impressive tower, the Absen H3 500mm x 500mm LED panels were split into four pieces measuring 62.5mm x 500mm each. These were then reconfigured to form the angled curve, which were held together using Absen’s bespoke curved LED elements that were installed directly with the straight panels.

Not only is this a huge achievement for Absen, but it also marks an industry first. It works because the H3 panels are 80 per cent lighter and thinner than others on the market, while also being energy-efficient and producing little heat. Therefore, they do not need a fan, making it easier to construct.

Maintenance can be accessed from the rear of the panels, which means it can be serviced quickly and efficiently. Asone has been assigned maintenance on the structure, after its build took just over two weeks to complete.

It is not just malls that are installing huge internal LED screens these days, but theatres and performance venues as well. Indeed, the Royal Opera House is set to feature a new curved LED display stretching 28.5 sq m in its entrance when recent renovations are completed.

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