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Is Your Travel Business Ready For The Summer Holidays?

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

With many schools in the UK breaking up this week, there’s going to be a surge in the number of people jetting off overseas for a holiday.

That means many of them will be looking for currency exchange services as they try to get the best value for their money before they head abroad. While some will undoubtedly head online to see what deals they can find, others prefer to go to the high street and see what’s on offer at their local travel agents.

You need to make sure they can quickly and easily see what rates you’re offering on the most popular currencies, and therefore make the comparison they need.

Because exchange rates change regularly, you don’t want to invest in something that’s difficult to amend, or that takes too long to update. LED exchange rate boards are the simplest and most effective option.

Modern boards will have the ability to connect to a computer, allowing you to update your rates whenever you need to without having to leave your desk.

Earlier this month, the Daily Star highlighted some of the most popular bucket list experiences on travellers’ wish lists, which No1 Currency has ranked in order of cost.

The cheapest option is a trip to Dublin to pour a pint of Guinness at the famous brewery, coming in at £333. Visiting Spain’s La Tomatina festival was the next most affordable option, with a trip to this messy event costing an average of £431.

Number three on the list was joining a full moon party in Thailand, which comes with a price tag of a surprisingly low £509.

Despite the pound falling in value lately, Simon Phillips, head of retail for No1 Currency, stressed that this means staying close to home is no guarantee you’ll bag a bargain trip. 

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