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Industries To Benefit From Micro LED Displays And Mini LED Backlights

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

There could be a significant long-term shift in the way that LED displays benefit today’s market. Whether you’ve used LED for internal or external use, its commercial appeal and efficiency has allowed businesses to capitalise with consumer products over the decades.

You might not be surprised to hear that LED’s natural progression is on the horizon with micro LED displays and mini LED backlights. LEDinside reported that market revenue for both items could reach $1.38 billion by 2022, eventually hitting $2.891 billion by 2025.

You can find benefits from using cheap LED products, but the signs point to different industries looking to transition to micro and mini tech. Leading manufactures like AU Optronics, Samsung and Sony have all looked at the prospect of micro and mini, having already produced different conceptual products.

Earlier this year, Apple confirmed that micro LED displays were in development at a secret facility. There is a real interest from big businesses in new technologies - same applies for the consumer base - especially for how it could impact the landscape for different industries.

The demand for cheaper LEDs might have a stronger foothold than most would expect, though. According to Business Wire, mini backlights are deemed too expensive in price, as well as showing technical issues in power consumption and heat dissipation.

Roger Chu, research director of LEDinside, commented: “Micro LED still faces many technical bottlenecks, including epitaxial wafer/chip, transfer, full colour, driver[integrated circuit], backplane and inspection/repair technology.”

Despite some minor setbacks, mini LED will break into a more specific line of products, from gaming notebooks and monitors to top-end televisions. You might think it will be a while before micro and mini take a hold of the market, but the early signs open questions as to how it will change and affect internal and external displays

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