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Indie Shops: Are You Taking Part In Black Friday?

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

For retailers, it really is the most magical time of year when it comes to sales, and such a key time to make sure your LED window display is working hard for you. However, there's one date in the calendar that seems to be equally loved and loathed by bricks and mortar shops and, once again, it's just on the horizon.

Black Friday, that famous US import that has really taken the UK by storm, is on the 24th November this year. We might best know it for fist fights over wide screen TVs, however, for many retailers it is their biggest sales day of the year.

There are, however, some real problems with this new tradition, which is completely changing the landscape of retailing in a peak period. First up, of course, it's not just a bricks and mortar proposition, as online businesses also get in on the action, often with more flexibility in their offering. Not only that, with Black Friday crushes often expected in the shops, some people opt out of leaving the house to do their shopping, choosing to pocket their savings online instead. This year, according to DIY Week, footfall on Black Friday is expected to fall for the first time in four years.

Having to find lines to discount during a peak retail period can also be problematic, however, it's always possible, with a little bit of extra work, to rededicate floorspace to older lines that you're happier to discount for Black Friday only, however, for visitors who don't set foot in your shop very often, it's worth keeping space dedicated to current range, full price goods too.


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