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Improvements Sought For Wayfinding Around London Bridge

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

If you’re exploring a new city for the first time, there have no doubt been moments when you’ve wondered where on earth you are and how to get to where you’re going.

London is no different and now a new competition has been launched to improve wayfinding for visitors to an area around London Bridge.

The contest has been launched as part of the London Festival of Architecture, which runs from 1 to 30 June this year. It’s open to anyone to make suggestions on how to improve wayfinding in the triangular public square in front of London Bridge Station.

According to the festival, the site is important because people can reach a number of landmarks from the location, none of which are in view. The main sights people can walk to from here include Borough Market, Southwark Cathedral, the riverside and City Hall.

The brief for the competition states that the architects, designers and artists who make submissions should “use visual cues and public realm infrastructure to transform the busy but unremarkable space on Tooley Street”.

Entries need to be submitted by 3pm on 5 June and the budget for the overhaul is £23,000. That means entrants could make use of the likes of external LED displays to help people find the right route to their destination.

Public spaces, particularly in busy cities like London, are obvious locations for information displays, and given the improvement in LED screen technology these are a good choice, particularly if that information may change or need to be updated.

One news provider recently suggested that airports should be making better use of LED displays to help passengers find the details they need about their flights, as well as to navigate around terminals.

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