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Importance Of In-Car Infotainment 'To Matter More In Future'

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

The quality of internal LED displays in vehicles is constantly rising, and as the functionality of these infotainment systems increases, so too does the importance of having a high quality infotainment system when choosing a car.

This is according to Car Keys, which revealed that the capabilities of some modern in-car displays is very sophisticated. 

Nowadays, almost every new vehicle comes with some sort of infotainment system, with DAB radio, phone connectivity, sat-nav  and Bluetooth coming as standard 99 per cent of the time, but some of the big automotive brands are bringing even more to the party. 

Not only are reverse cameras to aid accurate parking while reducing the number of bumps more commonplace, many of these systems even have on-board WiFi.

BMW's iDrive system is highly sought-after, because it can be programmed to suit the driver, it is fast, and has a Google Earth sat-nav with gesture control.

Seat's Full Link system, the Vauxhall Intellilink and the Mazda MZD Connect all score highly within the industry and can be run from a smartphone and operated safely in the car using a dashboard display.

"As cars become more and more tech-packed, infotainment systems are only going to improve and offer many more functions — as a result, the quality of the system is only going to matter more when it comes to a new car purchase," the automotive news site predicted.

And these infotainment systems are being built using increasingly sophisticated materials preventing scratches and wear and tear. Research and Markets' Scratch Resistant Glass Market Analysis forecasts that demand for scratch-resistant glass is highest in LED manufacturing

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