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Have You Heard Of Smart Displays?

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

LED window displays could be revolutionised by the development of micro LEDs which are under development at the moment.

This summer saw Apple put in a patent for a new type of micro-LED, which people have speculated could be used in a new version of the Apple watch, or maybe even a whole new Apple device.

There are not any commercial micro-LED panels in production yet, but it is understood that when they do become available, micro-LEDs will offer much better images due to higher pixel density, better brightness and even lower power consumption, making them even more environmentally friendly than the LED displays we are using today.

On top of that, experts are now suggesting that micro-LEDs could pave the way for a smart display, which means that our screens will be able to do much more than they can today, namely: detecting touch and displaying images.

In addition to this, the LED displays of the future may be able to carry out other functionalities as they will have other bits of electronics embedded in them.

You may have heard of attempts by Apple and Samsung to find a way to embed finger print technology into the screen, rather than have a separate button for this. This hasn’t been achieved yet, but is one of the ways in which smart screens could be used, once micro-LED displays become commercially available.

When they do, we will be the first ones looking at ways that we can adapt these functionalities to our customer needs, and we are very excited about these breakthroughs.

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