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Giant Led Art Display Revealed

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

Internal LED displays offer out customers a wide range of options, and one of the most innovative uses has been in art displays.

We have heard of a range of LED displays used to display art, and they are being used in increasingly innovative ways. No longer are plain flat screens being used by artists, but curved surfaces, and stacks of LED displays are being used to exhibit some of their more cutting-edge ideas.

The latest to be unveiled is an interactive piece at the Greater Columbus Convention Center atrium in Columbus, Ohio. Containing a photo booth, people can take selfies inside the sculpture, which are then shown on the outside of it.

The “As We Are” is a three-dimensional, 14-foot head-shaped structure consisting of 850,000 LED lights which create a giant 3D image of a person’s head.

“After the image is processed, they can then step out and see their face displayed on the giant head. The magnification and amplification of your head in a public space speaks to the presence of social media and the way that identity is changing in society,” says artist Matthew Mohr.

“It’s a fun experience for many people, while also being quite intense for others. It’s quite something to see your face 14-feet high, and to realise that this is how you move through the world,” he told

This of course has led to people taking inevitable selfies with their selfies, as they stand in front of a giant version of their head.

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