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External LED Displays Used For Self-Driving Cars

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

It is a dream scenario for most people to sit in their car and for it to drive itself. Of course, self-driving vehicles have been popular in futuristic films or TV shows, but they might not be far off from becoming more available on the market. What is interesting, though, is that external LED displays are playing an important role for vehicles when they are out on the road.

The Verge reports that self-driving cars have been used through the streets of Frisco, Texas.’s bright orange vehicles have been fitted with four external LED screens, which allows pedestrians to see what the car is doing at that exact moment in time.

For example, the vehicle will display messages such as crossing, going, waiting and entering and exiting, while there will also be an option that will show when a human driver is in control of the car. According to’s blog post on the Medium, the California-based company said that it has been collaborating with the city to “educate the community and hear what people have to say”. commented: “In the last four months, we’ve been driving the streets of our geo-fenced route in Frisco, which crosses six lanes of traffic, takes us through parking lots and involves pulling over to pick up and drop off passengers on-demand.”

You will no doubt recognise the benefits for people to see those LED messages on the car, which includes reassuring individual concerns about the safety of a self-driving vehicle that might not always have a driver in full control.

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