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‘Dog-Friendly’ Screenings Coming To Cinemas

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

High on the list on things you never thought you’d never see on your local cinema’s internal LED displays has got to be a ‘dog-friendly’ screening. This isn’t just a showing of a film into which guidance dogs can be taken, yet any of our canine friends along with their owners.

In celebration of new animated film The Isle of Dogs, cinemas across the UK, including in Dublin and Southampton, have been putting on screenings and inviting visitors to bring their dogs. Dogs even get in free and are treated to their own seat, blanket and biscuit, while their owners paid the going rate

Last Sunday, the Harbour Lights cinema in Southampton was, perhaps unusually, sold out for the viewing and while it was at half human capacity thanks to the presence of the dogs, it’s an interesting concept for the cinema industry.

With ticket sales in decline as on-demand media services change the landscape of how we consume media, the idea of how to turn cinema into an event is undoubtedly the next frontier.

Sing-along versions of musical films are already proving popular in turning the somewhat solitary pursuit of going to a cinema into more of a community.

For ‘dog-friendly’ screening, the key is not that dogs will particularly watch or enjoy the films, but it gives a dog-loving audience a reason to go to the cinema to see the film. It’s uniqueness means its an experience for the audience, and importantly, something for them to share on their social media channels.

In short, any film showings that are outside of the ordinary should become a big focus of your LED display boards going forward.

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