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Does Your Business Have A Claim To Fame?

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

Whether it's a celebrity visitor, a feature on a TV show or even an historical fact about the building you're in, using an LED window display to let the public know about your claim to fame is sure to get tongues wagging about your business, attracting more customers.

If you need a lesson in what a bit of notoriety can do for a business, just take a look at the story of the kebab shop which recently saw pop star Taylor Swift filming a music video there. The North London kebab shop, Kentish Delight, already has a sign quoting that it has the best kebabs in London, but it's fast becoming one of the most famous kebab shops in the world.

Taylor took a 60 strong team with her to film in the tiny takeaway, with the windows being fully blacked out, so that passers by couldn't see inside. News spread like wildfire, and now the takeaway says it is overwhelmed by wanting to come take a photograph outside of the takeaway and buy food according to The Sun. This is all before the music video Swift was filming has even been shown.

Okay, so we might not all be able to have such an out-there claim to fame, but many businesses have seen celebrity customers come through their doors – after all, celebrities need the same stuff we all need to get on with their lives. An endorsement from somebody with a good following might just be enough to introduce a whole world of new customers to your business.   

Putting anything that sets your business apart from others up front should be a priority – after all, you can't tell customers through word of mouth who haven't even set step through the door yet

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