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Could Britain Be 'Banned' From Putting Clocks Back?

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

The clocks go back this weekend, so let this serve as your reminder to ensure all LED clocks you've bought online are ready for the change, so save customer confusion after Sunday morning. The changing of the clocks is still a bi-annual event which has great significance for marketing to consumers, as it truly signals a changing to the seasons and therefore their seasonal spending, and it's something that marketers still use to push forward with winter ranges.

However, this week, news has emerged which has seen this tradition called into question. According to the Evening Standard, the European Commission has proposed an end to seasonal clock changes from spring 2019, with member states forced into choosing between perpetual summer or winter time.

The proposition stems from the suggestion that Daylight Savings time may be disruptive to people's health by causing problems with sleep cycles.

The Lords EU committee has raised concerns however on how few alternatives have been proposed. It states that the north and south of the UK differ in the benefits and drawbacks they'd see from choosing between winter and summer time all year round.

Lord Whitty, chair of the EU internal market sub-committee said that the European Commission's proposal to end seasonal time 'goes beyond its remit and is not in compliance with the principle of subsidiarity'.

They also question the evidence the proposition is based on, as only one per cent of EU people were polled, and of those, 70 per cent of respondents were from Germany.

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