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Consider Security For Your LED Displays

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

If you have LED window displays - or are planning to install them at your business - you should make sure you consider their security. We’re not only talking about the physical security of the signs, but also their cyber security.

In this instance, it’s not so much about information being taken from the signs, but more someone else being able to display images or messages that are nothing to do with your business. In some cases this could even be offensive.

An excellent example of why this is important came recently in Telford, where an electronic information sign run by the council displayed an adult website in what the council has described as a “security glitch”.

The BBC reported on the appearance of the graphic images, with the council apologising and commenting: “We are sorry that our security settings were unable to stop this on this occasion.”

The main purpose of these particular screens is to allow people to search for visitor information. But the council told the news provider that it is undertaking a “thorough review” of its security settings to prevent a similar incident in the future.

We’re increasingly getting used to seeing LED screens when we’re out and about and, indeed, are making greater use of them in our vehicles too.

A recent report by Research and Markets found that demand for scratch-resistant glass is growing in LED manufacturing, but particularly for components destined for vehicles.

The growth of infotainment systems in cars, as well as a greater focus on passenger safety, is behind the rise in the use of this particular materials for LED displays, the research found.

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