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Bendable LED Displays In Development

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

We’re used to technology changing and developing at a rapid pace and now a start-up in Japan has revealed that it’s developed an LED display that can “bend like a curtain”.

The Asahi Shimbun reported on the new product, which has been created by PI-Crystal Inc. The news provider noted that the development could “revolutionise the way information is presented”.

PI-Crystal, which is a spinoff from the University of Tokyo, has been working with Organo-Circuit Inc to hone the technology.

Junichi Takeya, a material science professor at the university and the chief technology officer of both companies, told the news website that the company intends to unveil the revolutionary LED display next spring.

He said that they want to showcase it as “a fluttering display to show video footage or still images”.

The applications for these kinds of internal LED displays are considerable, and could be particularly useful for retailers who want to make the most of their window displays to attract customers.

Being able to bend these to fit more awkward spaces could be incredibly useful for a host of businesses and in a range of settings.

Last month, Campus Technology suggested that trapezoid LED displays could be the next big trend in the sector, after the Creative Media Industries Institute at Georgia State University featured a vast trapezoid sign at the institute.

Director of media entrepreneurship and innovation Elizabeth Strickler at the institute explained that they decided to install the unusual LED display to give their students something “novel and exciting” to see on a daily basis.

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