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Beauty Shops: Show Off Your Best Prices!

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

If you're running a particularly good promotion in your beauty shop, perhaps you should consider one of our cheap LED displays to maximise the number of people who know about the deal. After all, passing trade, whether on foot or by car will make the difference between an offer which does okay and one which does phenomenally well.

Setting prices can be a difficult thing to do – ensuring you have a competitive price, while not appearing too cheap to put off customers who think your business isn't offering a quality service. Well, maybe this information from Direct Line for Business, will help you decide which prices you should be promoting on your LED display.

Analysing three of this most popular treatments across the country -  a cut and blow-dry, half-leg wax and spray tan – the averages for different areas of this business have been calculated, meaning you've got a good idea for your local area too.

Then national average for the three treatments came in at £72.73. The most expensive place to get these treatments was, of course, London, where they cost 20 per cent more, while the cheapest was Glasgow, where they cost 17 per cent less. 

The cost versus the local disposable income has also been worked out, to see which area proportionally offers the best value for its clients.

In this realm, London comes out top, as though the costs are higher than the national average, incomes here are much inflated to other areas, offering great value against the disposable income of locals. 

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