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Apple Patents Micro Led Display

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

External LED displays may be about to undergo a revolution as Apple has unveiled it has secured a patent for micro-LEDs.

The micro-LEDs it seems to be developing could have a number of uses; it could be used to enhance its Apple watch display, or extend the battery life of its iPads and iPhones as LED-displays are much more energy efficient.

It had been reported by the industry back in May ,that micro-LED technology could become commercially available to the public in 1-2 years in smart wearables, which makes the former application much more likely.

A survey by the Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association last year, showed 57 per cent of surveyed experts think that micro-LED technology will be initially used in smartwatches in three years, so this recent revelation is not much of a surprise.

Rumours followed that claimed Apple was working on an augmented reality headset using a micro-LED display.

Then in July, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple for a wide range of sizes of micro-LED displays which could be used for smartphones, computer displays, high definition televisions and more, reported.

As we have reported previously, LED panel displays are taking off in popularity. They are used in shops, car parks and as display solutions for transport companies, looking to display information about the next train, bus or plane.

High resolution LED displays can be used for computer screens, smart phones and televisions, or anything you may be watching video on.

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