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Apple Micro-Led Displays Confirmed

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

We reported rumours that Apple was developing micro-LED displays last year, which could revolutionise internal LED displays the world over.

Well it turns out the rumours were true. Apple has now confirmed that it is developing micro-LED displays in a secret facility. It is thought that Apple is investing in this technology as it currently relies on other manufacturers to produce its screens, which leaves it overly reliant on suppliers.

To give an example Samsung is expected to supply Apple with around 180 to 200 million flexible OLED displays in 2018. This is a deal worth literally billions.

Micro-LEDS are expected to take over from OLED displays as they could be much more energy efficient and allow better colour contrast on the screens. The main difference between the two types of technology is the use of inorganic gallium-nitride compound in micro-LEDS.

Micro-LED screens promise to be brighter, have better colour contrast, lower energy usage and be more compact but they could also pave the way to more technology use. This is as they are more compact there should be more options for the technology that can be embedded in them. Including putting the thumbprint scanner in the screen for example.

The rumours have been settled by Bloomberg, which claims it has seen a source confirming that Apple is working on this. However, it has also warned that this development could be some years off and that Apple may scrap the project entirely due to the pace of development at the moment.

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