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Airports Need To Make Better Use Of LED Displays

Posted by Fay Bromilow on

Airports should make more of an effort to ensure people don’t just think of them as a characterless place to go through in order to board a flight.

Sign Media recently suggested that incorporating more internal LED displays into an airport’s design can be highly beneficial.

What’s more, these signs can have various uses, from promoting businesses and other services within the airport to ensuring that passengers can find the information they need and navigate their way to the correct gate or generally around the terminal.

The news provider cited a study which found that 83 per cent of airport travellers looked for flight information before transit, but that just 58 per cent believed airports were doing an “adequate job” of offering that information.

There’s a simple solution to this, according to the website - namely making the flight information displays bigger and brighter, to not only make it easier for passengers to read them, but also to find them in a crowded terminal.

Because LED display technology has evolved, it’s also possible to install screens that can be viewed from further away and from a wider range of angles than in the past.

The news provider also noted that the “dynamic nature of digital signage” gives airports an advantage when it comes to providing information in multiple languages as well.

Earlier this month, Aviation Pros highlighted some of the benefits of introducing more digital signage in airports, citing improving passenger satisfaction, enriching people’s waiting time, improving the efficiency of the journey, and boosting safety and security as some of the benefits of utilising this technology.

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